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Helping clients to develop novel products of the highest
quality at minimum cost and in the shortest time.

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A Technology Transfer Company

Count on Tech Transfer Partnership to help companies from various industries develop novel and high-quality products and services.
We are a technology transfer company exploring innovations that can take current products to the next level and provide companies with the support needed to take full advantage of them. Additionally, we represent our clients in the U.S. and help them to expand to new geographies. Acting in a business consulting capacity, we can be at the forefront as an interface between the client and their potential customers.

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Our Goal

We aim to help companies develop new, high-quality products and services in a shorter time interval, with a lower budget, and at lower risk by adopting advanced technologies developed by U.S. federal agencies. We find suitable technologies that fit client requirements and handle technology licensing and negotiation of said licensing on behalf of the client. Additionally, we provide the client with sustaining engineering efforts when help is needed for new technology adaptation.
The U.S. federal government has established a technology transfer policy that allows companies to acquire knowledge developed at federal laboratories and agencies. The ultimate objective of the policy is to help companies overcome technology’s “valley of death” and adopt the newest engineering achievements to significantly reduce the cost of product development and time to market.
Technology transfer is offered via licensing agreements. The agreements are established between a government entity and a company seeking access to new technology. This type of contract is highly beneficial to a company recipient since no capital investment is required, while the company receives the technology upon signing the technology transfer agreement.
This arrangement is an attractive option for every potential licensee but especially benefits small to medium-sized companies with limited research and development budgets.